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You can actually host files on Interclip, here is the documentation for all of that.

Storing files#

The files are kept in an S3 bucket hosted somewhere in the cloud. There is a retention policy for all files, so they are deleted after a certain time. This time is set to 69 days to prevent usage of Interclip as a CDN or backup service.


There is a simple interface at /file which is powered by a JS script, which upon selection of a file (drag n' drop, input selection, or pasting of an image) does these things:

  1. Checks if the file isn't over the fileSizeLimitInMegabytes limit
  2. Starts a XMLHttpRequest() (please don't kill me for not using fetch(), but XMLHttpRequest() let's me update the progress bar)
  3. Updates the progress bar on every onprogress event
  4. If the upload succeeds, it creates a form (along with an anti-CSRF token and the returned URL) and submits it to includes/new, where the user gets a code for their file



The file upload script for all uploads is here:

What it does is it takes the uploaded_file from the $_FILES superglobal and:

  1. Checks if the file is above the file size limit
  2. Creates a unique identifier for the file, getting the first 10 characters of a SHA1, which is generated from the uniqid() with the seed of the current timestamp joined with a random shuffle of the alphanumeric alphabet. This method does not check for duplicates because it would impact performance. There is about 3 quadrillion (3.656158440062976 × 10^15) possible combinations of file ids.
  3. The extension of the file is scanned for illegal characters (anything non-ASCII basically)
  4. If it doesn't contain any, it moves the file from its tmp_name to upload/uploads/ under the new name
  5. It executes with an argument as the path of the newly uploaded file in the background
  6. It renders the URL in plaintext and exits

The upload script does thee uploading in two easy steps:

  1. It copies the file to the cloud storage server via rclone
  2. It removes the original file

The file reverse-proxy#


There are currently 2 major limitations to Interclip files:

  1. The file proxy is deployed to Cloudflare workers and has a limit of 100K requests daily (if you want to bring Interclip files down, this is your way to go)
  2. The server is limited to 20TB of file uploads per month, which means, that users can upload a max of about 200K 3MB images per day.